• Custom Built

    Do you already have a design in mind or plans sketched out but need help bringing your piece to life?

  • Custom Design

    Do you have a collection of ideas, let me help you design and build a one of a kind Custom Design.

  • Design & Build

    Are you looking for a one of a kind design and built piece of furniture that's unique and true to your space

  • Refinishing

    Already own the furniture and it's just needs some refinishing to bring it back it's true beauty?

About Big Will

I'm a proud graduate of the University of Miami's School of Architecture Program where I learned the principles and building blocks of design. After a few years in real estate and the architecture/construction world, I changed careers when the market crashed and began a new career in Web Development. After a few years and several apartments, my wife and family and I decided it was time to buy a home. Since purchasing our home, I've gotten back into design more and more through building, but building with wood as an outlet from building in code!
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  • Why Big Beard Builders

    We're as unique and well crafted as the furniture we build!

    It's our diverse background and unique set of skills that help build one of a kind pieces. That in conjunction with a passion for problem solving will give you confidence and joy that Big Beard Builders will build you something awesome!


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