Hey I'm Big Will.

Born and raised in the NYC/NJ area. My whole life I’ve been interested in building and tinkering with things for as long as I can remember. Usually because I wanted to build cool stuff, knock it over and repeat that process over and over and over! After the first 18years of living in the North East and cold I headed south for College (although still East Coast bc I have a stranger fear of living in other time zones that are behind EST).

I’m a proud graduate of the University of Miami’s School of Architecture Program where I learned the principles and building blocks of design. After a few years in real estate and the architecture/construction world, I changed careers when the market crashed and began a new career in Web Development. After moving year after year my wife and I decided finally it was time to officially call Virginia home. So we bought a house.

Buying a house quickly got me back into DIY and building cool and awesome projects. My background and education sort of guided me on this path, plus I was always convinced that I could build furniture as good or better than 95% of the pieces available on the market and the ones I probably didn’t or still don’t have the skills to build are the ones that really interest me.

In addition to a passion for DIY type stuff I’m inspired daily by fellow woodworkers and makers on YouTube and Instagram doing some really cool, innovative and amazing work. It pushes me to want to do and learn more as I grow as a builder/woodworker/maker and explore all the things.

Like so many others already in this community I wan’t to help inspire others to build something awesome! I’m looking forward to this new adventure and hope it’ll inspire and ignite a fire in y’all as well.